Financial Information


The fees for all dental procedures are based on the current fee guide provided by the Ontario Dental Association (ODA). This fee guide is updated yearly by the ODA.

The cost of each treatment varies according to the tooth, number of surfaces affected and complexity of the treatment. The best and most accurate way to know how much a treatment will cost, is to have your concern evaluated by our dentist, and based on this assessment a treatment plan is created and fees are calculated.

Dental cleanings (scaling) are charged by the amount of time required on the hygiene appointment. Please consult our receptionists to get more information about the cost of a cleaning appointment.

All dental fees are due on the day of the appointment.

Insurances Accepted

Most insurances are accepted. If in doubt if your insurance is accepted, please call our office.

The vast majority of insurance claims are submitted electronic by our office to the insurance carrier. This allow us to know exactly the portion paid by the insurance and the portion that needs to be paid by the patient. The insurance pays its portion directly to us (assignment) and the patient is responsible to pay the difference, according to the agreement between patient and insurance company. Our office is not part of this agreement.

Knowing what is and at what percentage is covered by the dental insurance, is responsibility of the patient. Most insurance companies now have a website where patients can check their coverage. This information is also available on the coverage booklet provided by your insurance company. Our office will be glad to help you find any coverage information if you need.

Our office can submit pre-determination (estimates) for treatment to your insurance to verify whether you have coverage for any dental treatment. The insurance company will then send a letter or e-mail to the patient (sometimes with a copy to us), stating if the treatment is covered or not and the amount covered, if any. Please note that despite all our efforts to ensure we have an accurate information from your insurance when you decide for pursuing a treatment, if the amount paid by your insurance does not reflect the amount previously stated on an estimate, the patient is responsible for any difference.


If you are planning to do a major dental treatment and require financing, our office can refer you to Dentalcard, a third-party company that deals exclusively with dental treatment financing. For more information, please consult their website: